Of bows and bank space

I am a bit of a pack rat. I also have a fairly obsessive compulsive personality. I tend to spend a fair amount of time organizing…well, to be honest, junk.

In WoW, this means that I stare at my bags and bank way more than I should. I sit in Dalaran sometimes and constantly move things around in my inventory; making sure all my tabards are in one bag, all my seasonal crap (winter clothes, fire festival garb, lovely dresses, tuxedos, etc) are in another. I still have my entire set of Arena Season One Hunter Gear because I think it’s the coolest looking set ever. I still have my full Gronstalker set and various matching offset pieces because it was the first set of hunter armor that I completed. I have things like Grasscutter (which I never even enchanted or equipped) because I am simply fascinated by it’s legend and the story in the Usagi Yojimbo comics that are inspired by and share a name with it.

Of all the things that I’ve collected during my time in Azeroth nothing is more important to me than my collection of ranged weapons. It’s not a large collection by any means but each one has a special place in my most trollish of hearts. To be honest, I’ve never even shot some of them; I either acquired them after I had something better or I saved them from a shard (or a Rogue!) to at least commemorate the victory through which they were obtained. I’ve parted ways with some over the years (I needed the bank space and they were my least favorites, and by this I mean guns!) but the ones I’ve kept, I plan to keep until my adventures are done.

These are my favorite ranged weapons I still have in order of their importance to me:

1. Master Hunter’s Bow – The most important bow in my collection. I remember questing through Stanglethorn on my hunter alone as all the friends I started playing with on Draenor had moved on. I love Stranglethorn, although I know most hate it. It is the ancestral home of trolls (even if most have gone bad and are slaughtered in mass numbers these days, mon) and the jungles are where we belong. I solo’d all the Nesingwary quests up until Big Game Hunter which I banged away at solo with no success for what seemed like an eternity one day. As I was about to give up, a 60 troll hunter named Foz happened upon me and asked if I needed to kill Bangalesh before he tamed him. In short order, I had my new shiny bow and that Hunter gained a lifetime of respect for helping out a fellow troll. I even named my baby troll shaman after him in honor.

2. Bristleblitz Striker – The first bow I got after transferring to Llane and joining Monolith. It dropped on our very first Archimonde kill and I was honored that it was awarded to me (maybe Beru and Brade just took pity on me because I was still using Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix deeeeep into T6 content.) In my opinion, it’s still the 2nd best looking bow in the game.

3. Mandokir’s StingTHE BEST LOOKING BOW in the game in my opinion. Very trollish. Very Sexy, mon. Even if I had to slaughter thousands of my brethren to get my hands on it.

4. Frenzystrike Longbow – Another great looking bow, this one is important to me because it dropped on our very first completion of Trial of the Grand Crusader 10. Which meant I could ditch that ugly ass crossbow from Jaraxxus. To my knowledge, I am the only horde hunter on Llane to have this bow. (Yes, I looked!)

I have others  [Rhok’delar (obtained at 80 for the sheer reason that I just wanted it), Arrowsong (the first bow I got in WotLK after using a few guns, yuck!), Siren’s Cry, Skyforge Crossbow (crossbow, ewww!)] wasting away in my bank, but those four were, and still are, very important to me. I think they will all be on my person (in a bag I carry around at least) when the time comes when I no longer want to shoot arrows at Azeroth’s most vile villains.

Now I just have to convince Beru she still needs the Sunwell Achievement so I have a chance to get my hands on Thori’dal!

How ’bout you guys? Are you pack rats? Are there things you just can’t bear to part with?


– Lash


~ by Lashaah on April 2, 2010.

7 Responses to “Of bows and bank space”

  1. Mandokir’s Sting IS a very Troll-ish bow!

    I have kept a few things over the years – my priest has robes that look particularly “priestly” or a mace that looks very nice and she still has the Belt of the Long Road that my bf gave me as an in-game present. Sentimental stuff. But not a lot of any one thing.

  2. I do need that achievement…I just hated Sunwell so much. So much.

    But…achievement, must have achievement…

  3. One word: http://i44.tinypic.com/vpkabo.jpg


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