Hunting Guides

A couple of people have asked me why I don’t write hunter strategy guides. This is a “hunter” blog after all, mon.

There are a few reasons actually.

    1. Better hunters than me have probably already written a guide or made a video about any and every boss encounter in the game.

    2. What works for me might not work for the vast majority of hunters out there. Let’s face it, I am terrible at this hunter thing. The best I can hope to do is steal ideas from those better hunters and adjust them to my playstyle so that I just suck less.

    3. Writing guides is just not something that interests me. I’d much rather bitch about the issues (real or merely perceived) I have with the hunter class. Or express my eternal and undying hatred of rogues. Or go on endlessly about the unparalleled sexiness of trolls. You get the idea. Basically, when I find the time to write here, other things interest me more.

    4. I am not here to hold anyone’s hand. I am a firm believer in self-reliance, self-education, and self-accountability. I believe it is the responsibility of everyone to handle their own business; this doesn’t mean that I won’t help or give advice and opinions or answer questions, but you damn well have better tried to find an answer on your own. And even then, if you take every single thing written by another hunter as fact and be-all-end-all gospel without investigating and putting it into practice for yourself, you’re an idiot and there’s no hunter guide or video anywhere on the interwebs that will help you.

      All that said, I occasionally toss up little tips and tricks that I’ve discovered and WORK FOR ME. Usually, it’s a collaborative effort among the Monolith hunting core. One of us sees something and we talk it through, come up with what we feel is the best solution at the time, and work on implementing a plan of action. Then, once again, I steal their ideas and claim them as my own here in my little corner of the Wide World of Hunting.

      I r smrt.

      So, here is Lash’s ultimate hunter strategy guide:

      1. Think for yourself.
      2. Do your own fucking research.
      3. Steal as many ideas as possible, hammer them into new ideas that work best for you.
      4. Never stop learning or trying to get better.
      5. Have fun. Don’t obsess about trying to the best hunter in Azeroth; there’s always someone better. Instead, try to be the best hunter you can BE.


      – Lash


      ~ by Lashaah on March 11, 2010.

      6 Responses to “Hunting Guides”

      1. 6. Ask Dendrite. Do anything but what he suggested.

      2. Being a hunter it’s always “merely perceived”.

      3. 7. Shift the blame as quickly and as often as possible.

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