On consumable ammo (or the lack thereof), mon

In the latest round of Scattered Shots, Frostheim dreams up some pretty neat examples of how our new, non-consumable ammo could vary and give us neat abilities based on the ammo we choose. Very imaginative!

For the most part, I enjoy reading Frost and typically, although not always, agree with what he has to say. This time, however, I have to say, “No thanks and fuck that!”

First, I do not want to “catch them all” as Ghostcrawler so aptly put it. The idea of having to “farm” multiple types of ammo, be it running dungeons till one drops or spending hard earned emblems on them (not to mention having to prioritize their purchase in this case) makes me a very sad troll. It’s pretty ridiculous in my opinion. Just like the whole “dual wielding pistols” talent idea that gets tossed around from time to time.

Second, I don’t want to be a buff-bot or debuff-bot on my DPS class. Seriously, I don’t know what game some hunters are playing these days. Am I the only one who sees the serious mess we hunters, as a mostly physical damage class who stands at range and (currently) uses mana, are in? With killing adds, shooting balls (oh god the balls!), tranq’ing, misdirecting, managing my mana, and avoiding the bad shit on the ground – all while trying to do my maximum amount of dps – I think I have enough shit to worry about. I really don’t want to have to increase the hit or crit for everyone in my raid. I damn sure don’t want to be responsible for “healing my focus target.”

Look, I’m trying not to whine and complain here, but I’d kill for a tank and spank fight these days. Seriously, just one. I’m tired of rogues and death knights and kitties and retadins, brag about their dps/damage when all they have to do is stand there and faceroll – melee who very seldom have to deal with adds, melee who very seldom are asked to handle the stupid little gimmicks that Blizzard insists makes the game more interesting need a good dose of what we have to deal with for a change. Why the fuck does all the bad shit in every boss encounter in ICC target range or, at the very least, become the responsibility of the ranged classes? Now you want me to debuff the boss and heal too?

Again: No thanks. And fuck you.

I’m probably the only hunter in all of Azeroth who actually doesn’t want non-consumable ammo. Yes, I’ve bitched about the price of my arrows from time to time (especially Saronite Razorheads) but Blizzard made huge improvements with the epic ammo in ICC. Those things are cheap as fuck. And readily available. Plus, non-consumable ammo just doesn’t feel right. I can hear it now: “Hey guys I need a few minutes to go pull out the thousand arrows I just perforated this guy with, clean ’em up, and stick ’em in my quiver (Oh wait!) so I can re-use ’em. I’ll catch up to you guys at the next boss. Thanks!”

No, what I’d really like to see (get your torches, pitchforks and lynchin’ ropes ready!) is a hunter only skill (fletching, bowyering, whatever) that lets me make my own arrows. A skill similar to the old rogue poisons skill. Sorry engineers your days of price gouging hunters are over! Although, I’m sure since Blizzard decided that rogue’s having to make their own poisons was too tedious, we’ll never get it.

Short of that, I wouldn’t mind seeing the old rep grinds for ammo make a comeback. I’m not talking about the Mt Hyjal rep grind that not everybody had access to (although with the relative ease of content and the number of PuGs I see rep farming ICC, it might not be a bad idea) but more a faction that every singe hunter can work on during the journey to 85. Hello Sons of Hodir 2.0! If I have to farm those stupid reps for shoulder enchants, head enchants, etc, why not ammo?

But please, for the love of God, don’t make me catch ’em all.

No thanks. And fuck you.


– Lash


~ by Lashaah on March 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “On consumable ammo (or the lack thereof), mon”

  1. Hey! At least you don’t have someone giving some hairbrained idea that resto druids need to shapeshift more.

    Hi, I’m a tree, NO I’m AN UGLY COW! No, I’m a tree again! Cow, Tree, Cow, Tree OH GOD IT HURTS.

    Oh…and somewhere in that mess I’m supposed to heal.

    (I, unfortunately, didn’t have anything to add to the arrow conversation 😦 So I just thought, you know, misery loves company and all that!).

  2. Grass is always greener…

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