Know what they say ’bout vampires, mon? They suck!

Ah kids today. With their love of all things emo and bity. I blame Anne Rice for inflicting the lonely, distraught vampire on us. Gary Oldman then kept that blood splattered snowball of melancholy rolling. Now we have True Blood, Twilight, and all the others. Whatever happened to the days when we were merely fresh meat for vampires and they all wanted to kill us instead of bemoaning the cruel burdens that immortality has festered upon their shoulders?

It was no surprise then that Blizzard, renowned for their in-jokes and pop culture references, would jump on the bloodsucking bandwagon and give us vampires to dispatch in Icecrown Citadel. They are undead after all and The Lich King is the master of all reanimated corpses.

I’m just thankful the Queen of WoW vampires wants to kill us rather than just wanting to depress us and make us want to kill ourselves.

Too bad, she had shiny precious’s that we wanted. So we had to kill her.

The strat that worked for us was to assign actual positioning and try as best we could to take the randomness of the first bite out of the equation. Most times it worked and we could get yours truly bitten first. Sometimes it didn’t and I’d have to wait to be the second bitten. Then we set up a pretty regular bite order for the rest of the raid.

Here’s a rough diagram we used for positioning and bites:

The reason we wanted to get me bitten fairly early was to get the buff out in the ranged as soon as possible. The ranged can continue to pew pew her while she’s flying around in the air throwing nasty stuff at your raid and the more ranged with the buff shooting at her while she’s flying around the better. We also had everyone afflicted with Pact of the Darkfallen converge dead center of the room. Those who got Swarming Shadows ran to the wall to drop the purple fire-trail of doom out of the raid

And a little tip for hunter’s out there with this bloodsucking bitch in their sights: Deterrence can save your life when your raidmates can’t or won’t give you a 6 yard cushion for Bloodbolt Whirls.

And if you haven’t ever seen it, the best of the vampire films over the last 30 years or so is hands down Near Dark; More cold blooded killing than incessant whining in that one. Plus Bill Paxton as blood guzzling redneck creature of the night Severen = win! Check it out.


– Lash


~ by Lashaah on February 16, 2010.

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