Respect, mon.

I have not always agreed with guild leadership. I have thought some decisions they made were not the best ones at the time. I’ve bristled at criticism that came over vent and was directed at me. Sometimes, mid raid, I have wondered if others were doing what they were supposed (or asked) to do.

I have however tried to voice my concerns in a private manner so as not to disrupt the raid.

I have enough respect for the people I am playing with to not be a douchebag. For the most part.

This is a plea for everyone else to try to look at all situations and do the same.

Every time you publicly back talk your raid/guild leader, you are being a douchebag and causing drama. Every time you pout and get defensive at criticism or suggestions your raid/guild leader directs at you, you are weakening the strength of your guild; the “family” you’ve chosen to spend your game time with. You are disrespecting the rest of us. Just stop.

I am not saying guild leaders are perfect and you have absolutely every RIGHT to disagree with them. In fact, sometimes, all authority needs to be questioned. Do that shit privately and stop causing them additional stress and drama to deal with. You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake and you are not always right. If you go to them privately and  in a respectful manner, do you really think they won’t at least listen to your concerns? They might think you’re wrong and tell you so. That is their RIGHT. It’s their guild, you are just along for the ride. If you still disagree, you have two options: you can stew in your own bile or you can get the fuck out. Stop causing drama within your family just because you think you are entitled to or you think you know better than your leadership. You may in fact know better, but it isn’t really your place to say so now is it? It’s their guild not yours and if you are so disgruntled with the leadership, why the fuck are you even sticking around? Start your own guild and let’s see how you do. Ya never know you might be justified in your little temper tantrums. I kinda doubt it though. I mean after all, if you could pull it off, you’d have already done it by now right?

As an example, and speaking only from a hunter’s perspective, every time someone who is not my guild leadership asks over vent if I am misdirecting, they are disrespecting me and I’m getting tired of it. It’s fine if you really think I’m not doing my job. Really, it is. Take it to the leadership though instead of making a fool of yourself in front of the whole guild. Until you handle every encounter in the game perfectly, you (nor I) have any right to question what anyone else is doing. Unless you are the guild/raid leader.

Continue to question me and see what happens. I swear I’ll add a whisper to you into every MD macro I have and you’ll fucking know every time I cast it. If you’re lucky. Maybe I’ll just quietly and discreetly MD to you and you’ll be left wondering why Mr. Big-Bad-Mean-Bossy decided to come eat your face. And I’ll laugh. So will the other hunters ‘cause I’ll share my nefarious plots in the hunter channel. I bet I could even convince them to join in the fun. We already hate anyone who isn’t a hunter. Watching you go SPLAT! amuses us. Enjoy your repair bill, fucker.

Have some fucking respect for the people you play with people.


– Lash

P.S. The first rule of misdirect club is YOU DO NOT talk about misdirect club!


~ by Lashaah on February 3, 2010.

16 Responses to “Respect, mon.”

  1. I blame Dendrite and his random misdirect tell shenanigans! 🙂

    In all seriousness, I agree with where your coming from here. Offering advice or suggestions in a civil manner is one thing, but publicly questioning or talking over leadership and/or pouting is another. It accomplishes nothing but adding unnecessary drama and stress to the situation.

    I think sometimes in a night full of wipes, frustration just runs higher than normal. Some people handle their frustration better than others.

    If it weren’t for trash pulls and such sometimes I wonder if small 5 or 10 minute breaks after a string of wipes may do some good. Gives people a little time to lick their wounds, cool down and clear their thoughts. Even boxers get some time between rounds! 🙂

    • Yea, people do handle criticism and even just plain ol’ direction differently.

      What gets me though, is even if the night hasn’t been a wipefest, the people who bow up and take every little thing personally (Hell I’m guilty of this to some extent to I guess).

      Or the people who (even after raiding with me for some time and know that I tend to handle the little details in a fight) ask if someone’s say, stomping totems, or tranquilizing, or misdirecting. “No genius. I decided that out of every night we raid together tonight’s the night I’d act like a huntard and stand in the back and just autoshoot.” Ah, I digress.

      Your boxer analogy is made of awesome by the way. Maybe short breaks might alleviate some tension.

      Also, clearly Dendrite is a bad influence on me ;). I made the comment to him the other night that He’s my Tyler Durden (hence all the Fight Club language in the original post)

      • I got one of his misdirect tells when the adds spawned for Anub the other night. It scared the hell out of me!

        I personally know pretty much nothing about hunters (or any other class for that matter, other than healers), but it definitely seems like all of you do a great job!

  2. I am quite certainly far from perfect…but I think I’m also pretty good about saying “I fucked up” or “I was wrong”.

    Just like when we go into tonight’s raid and I say “after some serious, as in I can’t find another fucking thing to read on the topic, research, we have been botching a few things up”.

    I think that MY biggest pet peeve is when people refuse to acknowledge a mistake. Because if they can’t acknowledge that they made it, they can’t correct it. HELLO PEOPLE EVERYONE FUCKS UP, IT HAPPENS!

    Honestly, I think my “most improved” award for this behaviour goes to a certain french mage who realized that just saying “my bad” was all it takes for us to know an error was recognized, and likely resovled. It took damn near 5 years for it to happen, but it’s made him a much more pleasant person to raid with!

  3. Hahah!

  4. I told you he was a bad influence!

  5. -_-

  6. Man, he was way worse as an officer than a just peon in the raid group.

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