Good news everyone!

Last night, we killed Professor Putricide. On our very last available attempt for the week. AFTER our raid time was technically over. And ya know what? It was epic. The first truly epic fight in all of ICC so far in my opinion.

I think it’s refreshing to have a difficult “normal-mode” encounter. I think raiders have gotten a little lax over the course of WotLK and this encounter is very well designed to test all aspects of your raid: Tanking, Healing, and DPS. It’s very unforgiving to those with bad survival instincts and situational awareness. It holds everyone accountable for their own individual performance. Hell, it even tests your kiting skills. And the irony of it all is that it’s actually NOT all that hard, at least from a DPSers viewpoint.

Now don’t get me wrong. I want to lich slap anyone who doesn’t target switch to the adds, anyone who gets hit by the malleable goo (to be fair, I was guilty of this on more than one occasion, but if you are the person who gets hit by multiples per attempt, start paying better fucking attention or gtfo out of my raid!)

I think this is where all the negativity concerning the encounter comes from. People don’t like to be held accountable. Let’s be honest, there have already been tons of outcries that it’s too hard, that it needs a nerf. To this I say, suck it up. Take some responsibility for doing boneheaded things and learn from your mistakes. Stop looking at your DPS meter and move from the bad shit. Stop thinking that others will take care of the adds and fucking help with them. Back in the Mt. Hyjal days, Monolith had a bounty policy. Do something stupid like face planting after an air burst or taking a doomfire to the face? You owed the raid 50g. I think maybe it times for a similar policy. I think it’s time for more personal accountability.

Enough ranting. Here’s some tips the Monolith hunters came up with to make it easier on ourselves in this encounter (More than likely, there’s nothing here that better and smarter hunters than us are already doing, but perhaps it’ll help those who struggle a bit)

  1. Make targeting macros for the adds and start spamming them as the oozes are about to spawn. Those nifty Deadly Boss Mod timers? Yea they aren’t just for cluttering your screen.
  2. Set Putricide as your focus and make a Chimera Shot macro for him to make sure your Serpent Sting never falls off.
  3. Switch into Viper during the tear gas. This is an excellent time to regen some mana. Just make sure to switch back afterwards!
  4. For god’s sake, dodge the bad shit. You are damn near worthless if your attack speed is doubled or your hit rating is crap.

Good Luck to every one working on him. Epic fight!


– Lash


~ by Lashaah on January 26, 2010.

8 Responses to “Good news everyone!”

  1. In all honesty, we should have 6 healed this fight, and probably will do so in the future. But, like we always do, we learn to do things with the tools we are given and last night that was 5 healers!

    Really, though, any number of those 15 attempts could have been our kill. Almost all of them really were *that* close!

    I’ll be honest, I was paying zero attention to the bosses life in phase 3, I was just trying to keep up with the raid’s health bars, and with just Virile and I on the raid, I was panicking and falling behind. At the time I died, hit my soulstone, immediately died again, looked at all the dead people, looked at the dead healers, and said a small prayer that a tank wouldn’t die, I didn’t even realize we had our kill until the achievement spam hit 🙂

    The fight was indeed a challenge, and I think it was healthy for us to face a challenge. (I think I only lost it the one time…when we kept losing a tank in phase 3). There will certainly be more challenges in the zone, and honestly, I am happy that we were presented with a boss that took us more than one night and a few attempts to kill. The fight itself, while hectic, is very fun. I really hope they don’t nerf him.

  2. Was a great kill!

    I will be a little surprised if they don’t adjust his Phase 3 a little bit though. Especially considering how easy the Crimson Halls appears to be.
    That’s a pretty steep DPS requirement.

  3. I hope they don’t adjust him too much.

    I am all for “content for everyone”, but I also don’t like this mentality that everything should be handed to players with minimal effort that seem to be the norm these days.

    Not to sound elitist, but the fact that PuGs are rolling through content these days irks me a little bit.

  4. Now your blog is both troll-focused and marks-biased.

    What the fuck, Lash.

    Where is the love for orc survival huntarding?

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