Developer Q & A Chat

The transcript to the latest developer Q&A from yesterday has been posted on the official forums. There’s some interesting tidbits there. A few specific notes of interest to us:

Q. Can you please explain why Feign Death is still on the Spell Hit metric, especially in raids?
A. It’s a known issue, but just has to do with the way the spell is set up. Melee and ranged attacks mean a very specific thing to the game engine. We’re hoping to be able to clean up some of this with the Cataclysm overhaul.

Brade, I swear I Feigned before pulling aggro!

Q. You mentioned pet scaling being added for patch 3.3 but due to time constraints, was delayed. Will this be in the next patch?
A. We’ll try to do what we can. Technically it’s just more challenging than you might think. For Cataclysm, we have on our list that 100% of stats scale. If they don’t then certain stats just won’t be as valuable for pet classes. At the very least, we can do stuff like convert your X into damage for the pet so every stat is valuable. Getting everyone to scale with every stat better is a major goal for the class team for Cataclysm.

“Yay” is all dis ol’ troll has ta say!

Q. Will rogues/hunters ever be able to dual wield hand-crossbows or pistols?
A. The pistol idea for hunters gets suggested a lot. It could either be an alternate to the gun / bow / crosssbow or something they use for short-range attacks. Rogues probably have plenty of weapons at this point.

New Cataclysm Talent: Aspect of Woo: Allows the hunter to dual wield pistols that never miss and never need reloading. Increases damage done by each pistol by 100% while in the act of flying away from the target by use of Disengage. Also summons a flock doves that fly around the hunter in slow motion.

Q. Will Trolls ever get either their own capitol, or a district in Orgrimmar like the Gnome district in Ironforge?
A. Personally, I think it adds a little to the troll story that they have such an amazing cultural legacy and have fallen so far from that in recent history. That said, we have a little bit of love for trolls in Cataclysm (beyond the ability to be just about every class in the game).

They may take our lands mon, but they’ll never take our…mojo!

New Troll here!

Also, I’d like to introduce ya all to da newest voodoo-slinger of our tribe. There’s something oddly familiar yet completely wrong with this. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

(Merk says “Hi!”, Nick)


– Lash


~ by Lashaah on January 16, 2010.

5 Responses to “Developer Q & A Chat”

  1. Aspect of the Woo….WTF?!?!?! Made me giggle irl 🙂

    Um…isn’t this picture missing another troll?!?! Where is da’ shaman mon? Kitai needs heals, Lash. HEALS! (P.S. Grats Merk!)

  2. Oh and rumor has it Dendrite has joined in to the blogging fun…we must hunt him down and find him!

  3. My shaman is happily wasting away on the beaches of Stranglethorn with no worries, mon.

    Mmmmm, Dendrite blog.

  4. Awwwwww. This made my day.

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