Power Auras, mon!

Beru decided to give PowerAuras a look. And I tried my best to help; I’m not much of a teacher. Now, there are tons of resources out there dealing with this fantastic mod. Ranging from general to hunter specific.

I won’t regurgitate what many others have said far better, but in answering her questions, I realized that parts of the GUI could be a tad more intuitive. So what I will do is create a hunter-centric setup, and share some tips and tricks I’ve discovered using this fantastic mod along the way.

Our example is a Serpent Sting “tracker”.

Type /powa to open the mod’s GUI.


Click ‘new’ to create the aura. This is where all the personalization of the mod comes in. This is just how I use it to keep track of Serpent Sting; just my preference, you can and should adjust it to what works for you.

Uncheck the “Glow” box

Set the opacity to 100%

Set the size to 15%

Set the “Activation by” to Debuff

Check the “Use own texture” box

Type Serpent Sting

Check the “Cast by me” box

Uncheck the “Resting” box (Tip: I’ve found it easier to personalize your mod while using target dummies in a major city. Disabling this box allows you to view your graphics while your in the city and resting.)

Now here’s where Lash’s tip number 2 comes in. I’ve also found that you have to teach the mod the exact aura you want to track, at least the first time. So you’ll want to close out of the mod’s GUI and apply serpent sting to a target (Hi target dummy!) If you used the setup above, and started a sting on a target, an icon that looks just like the official icon for serpent sting appears on your screen. Yay!


Now you can open the GUI again and continue to tweak your settings to position your serpent sting graphic however you choose. Make it bigger or smaller. Make it more transparent, the possibilities are almost endless. While we’re here tweaking, we’ll add a timer to our icon.

Click on the “Timer” tab


Enable the “Show” box

Set the opacity to 100%

Check the “Use transparent textures box”

We should have countdown timer running furiously on screen.


Adjust the X and Y positioning until you find a comfortable spot for the timer. I tend to just place it “inside” the actual icon.


I tend to run with minimalist unit frames and I position my PA graphics in places that are intuitive for me. So my final graphic looks like:


That’s pretty much it for setting up an aura. As I was explaining to Beru, once you’ve set up one and run with it, you will find near limitless applications for it (At least I did!).

Another tip for the less industrious, PowerAuras allows for the exporting and importing of settings, and many have exported their setups and have shared them all around the web. In the case of hunter’s, you could Google “Hunter Powerauras”, find some that you like and possibly import the code string.

Still another cool trick I found was using the export/import feature to be lazy and set up some auras on alts. For example, the serpent sting aura used in this little guide was the basis for the “Curse of Evil Warlock Spell” I use to on my..you guessed it warlock. I literally just exported the serpent sting code from my hunter, imported it on my warlock, and changed the Debuff Name in the Edit menu to whatever “Evil Warlock Spell” I was looking to track.

My final tip concerns why I almost always tend to use the official WoW textures:

When I first started using the mod, I was using the included textures for almost everything. And quickly became confused as to what each texture meant when it popped up on screen. By using the WoW textures, textures I am familiar with, I can quickly recognize pretty much everything that’s going on just by the way my textures interact. I’m not looking at buff boxes, or multiple unit frames, etc, and this allows me to be more aware of my situation and “Pull less Nick’s.”

Finally, there are many mods out there that are comparable to PowerAuras. One I hear touted the most is TellMeWhen. Again, it likely comes down to personal preference. I had been using PowerAuras for quite awhile before discovering TellMeWhen even existed. And after giving TMW a shot, I just found that I was still more comfortable with PowerAuras. I also hear people who are intimidated by setting up PowerAuras and hope that this, while a very basic example helps give at least a starting point. I suggest experimentation to find what works best for you.


– Lash


~ by Lashaah on January 10, 2010.

8 Responses to “Power Auras, mon!”

  1. I am still doing some tweaking with mine, but largely I’ve been pleased with my experiment so far!

    One thing I really hate about seemingly complex mods is trying to figure them out. I get very easily frustrated with them, and often times it’s not worth the set up for me because I get all flustered.

    But, after one or two set ups, it’s really easy, and I was pretty well able to replicate what I wanted fairly quickly. (So, you aren’t that bad a teacher, Lash!).

    I will say that I think it helped my shaman healing ten fold. And I only added 5 settings for her: Earthshield (which stays up if I dont have it on someone), Watershield (which stays up if I don’t have it on), lifegiving (which is huge for me), mana tide cooldown, and riptide cool down. I saw a massive difference in my healing output last night in ToC with just having added those things!

  2. How is cookie monster working out?!

  3. […] on the post and read a post on Power Auras, and made a few changes to Mynn (special thanks to Lash who took the time in game to help me figure out configuring power auras!). Drug was curious on how […]

  4. Is there a way to change the font color without changing the icon color?

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