Patch Day!

Don’t let the title fool ya. mon. Patch days suck. I know it’s late in the day. Yes, I should do something constructive. Fuck it, I’ma rant a bit and hopefully entertain anyone who happens by. At least maybe I can keep myself from reclicking that damn “Connect” button over and over.

So I hates patches. I hates them with every ounce of my black little heart and this one probably most of any to date. I don’t think it would upset me if it wasn’t every single fucking time. Surely there is a better way to deliver content and/or changes/fixes. I mean come on. 5 years and it’s always the same thing every time. You’ve created a fine game, the game of the decade. You have a gozillion subscribers. Yet every 3 months or so you fuck it up for a few days. Yay!

For the life of me, I also can’t figure out the timing on this patch. Why something this massive during the holidays when surely Blizzard’s Support will be diminished? ( I don’t care that they posted “extended” support for the holidays) Was it so important to get the kiddies on school break something to do? Honestly, this is what it feels like to me.

Now don’t take all this the wrong way, I’m dying to raid Icecrown. I want to get back to a real raid after the design laziness that was ToC. That one was nothing but a rushed beta test of fail in my opinion, but I digress. But I woulda been happy to wait a few more weeks for something as massive as this patch if it ensured Blizzard’s full attention and not just some temp phone rep who has no idea what anyone’s talking about when customers call up with problems.

The funny thing is, I’m placing my bets on not getting to see much of Icecrown till the first of the year anyway. I hope I’m wrong, but I predict 2 weeks of fuckedupness. So much lag and so many disconnects; so many restarts and hotfixes, that no one will be able to get anything done anyway. Please let me be wrong.

Maybe I shoulda asked for that spiffy new Call of Duty game for Christmas. I can play that without having to connect to an external source yes?


– Lash

EDIT: ok, ok, It wasn’t so bad….yet.

EDIT 2 : Fuck falling off the gunship and fuck buggy orcs!


~ by Lashaah on December 8, 2009.

7 Responses to “Patch Day!”

  1. The best part of tonight:

    “I’m here only to claim my sons body”.


  2. I too am irritated that after 5 years blizz still seems to patch day woes.

  3. HAH! Lash falling off the gunship in not one, but two(!) kills was hilarious! I challenge you to defy that stamtment 🙂

    I will say, though, I was very surprised at how smoothly and quickly the issues was resolved by a GM. I will also say thank fucking christ that trinket didn’t drop so I didn’t have to spend a day figuring out which physical DPS it should go to 😉

    • It was pretty hilarious. However!

      I think I can finally blame the lag monster for that 2nd one considering the connection issues I’ve been having. Still working on it =(

      Also, ze trinket has Lash written all over it!

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