I live for the nights I can’t remember with the people I’ll never forget, mon!

Last night was Monolith‘s 5 year anniversary. So we did what anyone would do on such a monumental occasion…we had a party!

We assembled in Thrall’s throne room where Beru explained the night’s first event:

Event: A Wrinkle in Time, Monolith Style

When: During the Monolith Anniversary Celebration – This will be the “kick-off” event starting at 7:00. There is some organization involved, so please be sure you are punctual!

Where: Orgrimmar – Thrall’s Throne

Prize: Guild Bank repairs for one character of your choice (within your own arsenal of mains/alts) for one month and a special guild rank during that time.

Wha?: Fear not, good explorers! You will not be asked to partake on this journey alone! Your brave leaders will assign you companions for your journey before you set out on this adventure! Yes, Frodo, you will have help! (You will learn more about this event on Sunday…we can’t give away everything! )

Rules: There are a few very important rules that need to be announced with regards to this event. These rules will be reiterated before the start of the event, and if, at anytime, you are uncertain if something is acceptable ask!

•You may not use any form of teleports as a means of travel from one point to the next. This includes, but is not limited to: Mage teleports, BRD teleporters, Engineering teleporters, Wyrm Holes, etc. Use of such devices will disqualify you from the contest. If you are uncertain if you may use something, please ask!

•You may not use warlock summons as a means of travel from one point to the next. However, you may utilize instance summoning stones.

•You must actually seek out and perform your given tasks in game. Use of outside materials such as “strategy guides” or websites (i.e. WoWhead) will disqualify your team.

•You may not “phone a friend”, or seek help from someone that is outside of your team. Doing so will disqualify your team.

•You may not use outside tools in an attempt to speed your task (i.e. dreamless sleep potions), or spells that are unique to you (i.e. mind vision, farsight). Use of such things will disqualify your team.

Good Luck, have fun!

We were sent on a journey to revisit some of the past glories of Monolith, a tour of some of the many fantastic raids and events throughout the 5 year history that included anything from UBRS (the original raid)

all the way to present day zones such as Naxxramas, Ulduar, and even ToC.

Along the way, we had a few bumps and setbacks

and when we got behind in the race, we even considered some underhanded tactics

This world wide tour of Azeroth was immensely fun. Beru did a great job of not only coming up with the clues to send us to our various destinations but her writing, infused with humor and wit, was fantastic.

While we embarked on our journey, she conducted a trivia challenge over vent that tested our knowledge.

Event: Monolith Trivia Challenge

When: Throughout the duration of the Monolith Celebration

Where: Vent!

Prize: Authenticator + your option of a pet shop pet

Rules: All questions will be related to Monolith’s 5 year history on the realm and general WoW trivia from the 5 years the game has been online. We will tally up everyone’s correct answers as the night progresses. The person with the most correct answers at the end of the evening wins! You may use outside sources and others in the guild to seek out these answers.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

One question was particularly controversial:

“Throughout Monolith’s history, how many people have held the title of Guild Leader?”

I am not sure there ever was a consensus on the correct answer

After the world tour finished up, we gathered in Thunder Bluff for the night’s next event:

Event: Character Costume Contest

When: During Monolith Celebration

First Place Prize: Tundra Mammoth or Mechano Chopper, you can choose! (There will be a cash option if you already have the mounts and/or just want the cash!)

Second Place Prize: Blizzard Authenticator (alternate if you already have authenticator)

Third Place Prize: Orb of Deception

Rules: Using only items available to you through normal game play create a costume for your character that you think embodies an adventure in WoW over the past five years. Your costumes can be themed or just outright fun. You will have the opportunity to tell us a bit about your costume (are you a defias scout? A hillsbrad farmer? A fisherman? A new raid boss? The hooker working the street in Stormwind? Hey! There is certainly attire out there to support it!). Roleplay during your explanation is permitted but not required. All commentary by you must be done in text.

You are permitted to use any character that you like for this, including a low level alt that you created just for the contest!

We encourage creativity and uniqueness in creating the costumes, and hope to have a lot of laughs as they are presented to us!

Don’t want to dress up?!?! That is OK too, you can still participate! You can assist us with the judging! (Think holding up cards with numbers…only in guild chat)

Judging of the costumes will be done on a scale of 1-10 using the following categories:
Hilarity (not counted into final score).

Good Luck everyone! And have fun collecting your costumes!

There were many creative entries and much hilarity ensued. I entered my Death Knight as Alexstrasza, the Life-Binder and managed to walk away with First Place!

After the costume contest, we ventured to the Stranglethorn Vale Arena where many men entered and only one man left!

Event: Skill > Gear Contest
When: During Monolith Celebration
Where: STV Arena
Winner’s Prize: Authenticator and Sandbox Tiger

Preparation: You must have enough space in your bags to remove *all* of your gear that is weighted with any stat. That is to say that you may wear a vanity item (lovely black dress, for example), but may not wear any gear containing an actual stat.

Rules: Everyone will enter the arena completely devoid of all gear. You may use *only* physical attacks throughout the challenge…yes, you must punch each other to death! (You many not shift, vanish, evasion, etc). Once you are down, you are down, however, you may offer assistance and/or try to help those that remain standing (watch out!, etc). You are permitted to forge alliances at the start of the contest…but remember there will only be one last man standing! So at some point, those alliance may have to turn their back on you!

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Many alliances rose and fell as we all tried to survive our little version of Thunderdome! In the end, our winner was one of our warlocks (WTF!? How a frail little blood elf survived the harshness of physical combat, I’ll never know!)

We concluded our night of merriment with a little drunkeness:

Event: The Great Wall of Dalaran

When: During Monolith Celebration

Where: Starts at the Violet Citadel

Items Required: Two stacks of very strong alcohol

First Place Prize: Papa Hummel’s Old-Fasioned Pet Biscuit + Authenticator

Second Place Prize: Orb of Deception

Third Place Prize: Path of Cenarius

Rules: For the duration of the race, you must remain “completely smashed”. If at any time this debuff starts to fade, you must drink again until you are “completely smashed”. At the start of the race everyone will start on the ledge by the violet citadel. You must run around the violet citadel staying on the ledge at all times. If you fall off the ledge, you can go back to the starting point and start again. You must stay on foot the entirety of the race or you will be disqualified. The first person to reach the other side, still on the ledge wins!

It was a great night. Once again, I have to commend Beru on her mad skills at devising such a fun time. I had a fantastic time and it was one of those nights I’ll remember long after my time in Azeroth is done. Here’s to many more years of adventures!


– Lash


~ by Lashaah on November 30, 2009.

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