One Light, Hippie Trolls

Just a quick update today.


One Light



Last night we knocked out One Light in the Darkness after a couple of nights worth of attempts. It’s basically the same fight as normal really. I mean, of course I missed Freya’s sanity wells and the loss of the damage buffs, but I didn’t think it was all that hard compared to the sheer chaos of Freya, the intensity of Mimiron, or the race of Hodir and Iron Council. Managing sanity and controlling the guardians without the damage enhancement of the watchers is key. If you can keep everyone sane and keep the guardians to 2 or less up at a time, it’s a win.


Best part of the fight, in my opinion, is getting to kill those members of your raid who go insane! So, only Algalon remains (along with trying to get everyone’s drakes) and we will be done with Ulduar! I liked Ulduar, much more so than ToC, and can’t wait for Icecrown and the return to a “real” raid.




It’s anniversaries galore. 5 years of Wow. 5 years of Monolith. 1 year of WotLK, and Beru’s Fondest Memories has gotten me in a reminiscing kind of mood. After looking through folders of screenshots, I found this gem….( I miss you Nick!)




– Lash


~ by Lashaah on November 17, 2009.

7 Responses to “One Light, Hippie Trolls”

  1. I am really happy that we stuck to Ulduar. I really do think it helped protect us somewhat from the great ToC burnout that a lot of people are seeing. Sure, we are a bit behind on Anub work, but we will have *plenty* of time to knock that out before Ice Crown.

    I do think people were a bit skeptical of our decision at first, but as we tackled one hard mode after another, I think people came to agree with it. It also kept our raid targets diverse, which I think was very important.

    I am hoping that we will have no problems knocking out people’s missing achievements and Algalon before Ice Crown arrives 🙂 Since I strongly suspect that they will be removing the drakes with 3.3, I am banking that we have more than a month to work everything out.

    And uh…eiwwww nick! I woulda taken Lash’s advice and shaved that shit!

    • I am very glad we continued to work Ulduar. I thought it was a well designed dungeon. You know I’m no BFF to “hard modes” but I have to admit that I’ve been on the edge of my seat when we’ve beaten a few. At times they’ve been exhilarating and I’ve been pretty pumped at our success.

      I also don’t think we’re all that behind on Anub either.

      oh, and hippies never listen.

  2. Wow. I’ve been playing this game way too long.

  3. Well. There goes my bid for presidency.

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