My turn in the Circle of DPS!

Yes, yes, the healers were first, mon. Then came the meatshields. Apparently, I am even late to the DPS party by a few days. I’ve enjoyed reading these, even from the non hunters so I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring…err circle.

What is the name, class, and spec of your primary DPS?

Lashaah, Troll Marksman, with a Survival offspec.

What is your primary DPSing environment? (i.e. raids, PvP, 5 mans)

25 man progression raiding.

What is your favorite DPS spell/ability for your class and why?

Readiness. Being able to reset cooldowns is fun! Chimera Shot is way up there too obviously. It’s very nice damage and very versatile with its ability to restore mana or even attempt to disarm an opponent.

What DPS spell do you use least for your class and why?

Arcane shot. Never as survival because of the shared cooldown with Explosive shot and usually only as a mobile shot as marks do to it’s terrible mana to damage ratio. Multi-shot is a good candidate as well since it shares a cooldown with Aimed Shot.

What do you feel is the biggest strength of your DPS class and why?

Being able to push out great single target DPS with the ability to semi-control aggro with Feign Death and Misdirection.

What do you feel is the biggest weakness of your DPS class and why?

How much time ya got? I guess mana being the primary resource for a physical damage class is my primary beef. Hopefully the Cataclysm changes smooth this out. Second, I’d have to say the remnants of our “dead zone.” It’s not as bad as it once was, but finding the right range to shoot is tough at times especially against mobs with super big hitboxes like Anub or basically any dragon. Get too close, cant shoot; too far away, possibly no totem or healing love!

In a 25 man raiding environment, what do you feel, in general, is the best DPS assignment for you?

As I’m sure most DPS will say: single target, minimal movement fights. Very unrealistic these days with so many encounters having adds and AoE effects that can kill (Fire bad!)

What DPS class do you enjoy DPSing with most and why?

Feral druids – more crit! Paladins – is there anything they can’t do?!

What DPS class do you enjoy DPSing with least and why?

Other hunters. Not to sound like an elitist prick, but a good hunter is a rare find these days it seems. Too many just stand still and pew pew away with no regard to their surroundings or the mechanics of an encounter. They pull aggro and never feign. They have terrible pet management. They end a fight decently high on a damage meter and think they are God’s gift to the class regardless of if they were even actually shooting the right fucking target.

What is your worst habit as a DPS?

Cooldown management. Sometimes I get tunnel vision and don’t take into consideration fight lengths and the most efficient way to string my abilities together for maximum effectiveness. I think I’m improving though!

What is your biggest pet peeve in a group environment while DPSing?

Anyone who doesn’t do what’s asked of them. For example, snobold killing on Gormok; we have people who just straight up refuse to kill them even after being asked multiple times. These are the same people who don’t free the flash freezes on Hodir or kill Eonar’s Gifts on Freya.

Anyone who links a damage meter and especially anyone who, as stated above, wasn’t even DPS’ing the right fucking target.

Do you feel that your class/spec is well balanced with other DPS?

I think we are lagging behind somewhat, especially compared to hybrids. I’ll agree with others who’ve mentioned that a class with the ability to also tank or heal should not outdps a pure damage dealing class given similar skill and gear levels. Take my guild leader for example, an awesome feral. He’s a great tank and amazing DPS with mad skills, but I’m no slouch and when he’s a kitty he regularly edges me!

What tools do you use to evaluate your own performance as a DPS?

World of Logs.  It has so much more information than Recount (which I fucking hate; I wish all in-game damage meters would just go away.) I like it’s look more than WMO (which also seems to lag like hell at times).

Shandara’s spreadsheet (when I have time to use it) and Zeherah’s Analyzer (Quick and easy to use web version of Shandara’s spreadsheet.)

Various hunter forums and guides.

The Armory. To see how other hunters are gearing, enchanting, gemming and spending there talents.

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about your class?

That we are all huntards just waiting to ninja all your loot and that /afk auto-shoot until a void zone spawns under us and we die. Ok, ok, this DOES apply to a lot of hunters out there. But, there are some rare hunter gems running around and a well played hunter is a thing of beauty.

What do you feel is the most difficult thing for new DPSers of your class to learn?

Not to be a huntard.

Pet management, cooldown management, kiting (this one’s tough and I’m not the best, but every hunter should be able to do it)

What DPS class do you feel you understand least?

All of them with the exception of hunter and warlock, really. And I understand the warlock less than when it was my main (Vanilla, 10 min CD on deathcoil!)

What add-ons or macros do you use, if any, to aid you in DPS?

Every hunter needs a good misdirect macro.


Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text



Power Auras – My all time favorite, must have addon.

[Your class’s preferred basic stat] over other stats or balanced stat allocation, and why?

I just started toying around with an Armor Penetration build. Probably don’t have the gear to pull it off really but I think it is worth investigating even with the recent “nerf.” Before that: agility, agility, precious agility!

Well, there’s my take. Like I said, I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s answers (healers and tanks too!)

I’m new to the blogsphere and the hunter’s I’m semi-familiar with have already answered so I don’t really have anyone to tag o.O.


– Lash


~ by Lashaah on November 14, 2009.

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