The Dark Side calls.


I have gone to the darkside. Yesterday, before our raid, I gemmed all Armor Penetration (ArP) gems. For a long time I fought this trend in the MM Hunter world as I felt the value of agility was just too high; after all, agi does so much – RAP, crit, etc. – I kinda saw an ArP hunter as a one trick pony.

To be honest, I still really don’t have all the gear to pull it off (Zeherah’s Analyzer which is based on Shandara’s [originally Cheeky’s] spreadsheet confirm the ArP gems weren’t a huge DPS increase for my current setup) but after getting so much ArP on gear (I don’t have a proc trinket, still) I thought “Screw it, I’ll at least test it out and see how I like it”. The results are still up in the air after only one raid; I think I’ll give it a week before deciding which direction I’ll go unless I get some more ArP upgrades in that time. Stay tuned!

On another note, one of our members found this neat little write-up on the ToC Faction Champions and the way their “aggro” works. It’s a great read and anyone struggling with this encounter should have a look. (Even if you aren’t struggling, its a neat look at the fight.)

During our raid last night we tested some of the theories contained within. We didn’t one shot them, but it was by far one of our cleanest kills on them. Mad props to Joanadark, the author, for the analysis.



– Lash


~ by Lashaah on November 12, 2009.

One Response to “The Dark Side calls.”

  1. They got rid of cookie monster 😦 It’s veggie monster now…I mean, seriously, WTF?

    I know very little about ArP…just gem spell power! MAD ARCANE SHOTS, YO! But…uh, I know Brade gems all ArP. I know he also steals my red gems…and ninjas the ones that I miscut too! -_-

    As for the Faction Champs…I don’t know if those little pots helped or not, but 3 attempts with one person dead vs. 9 attempts with half the raid dead last week (and that was our best to date), there’s got to be something to it. I think it was a great read!

    Of course…our 17 pulls to kill twins last night sorta negated our awesomeness on champs! But let’s not dwell on that one too much…

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