Sundays are becoming our day it seems. 2 hard modes last week, 1 extremely hectic hard mode this week. Last night, we went in and pushed the big red button. You know, the one that says “DO NOT PUSH THIS BUTTON!” As it turns out, we are still very bad toys.


After a couple of hours of sorting things out (I want to bitch slap the people in our raid who don’t adjust to the movement in phase one, but I digress) we pulled together to extinguish those pesky fires and score a hard mode Mimiron kill! 2 more Ulduar hard modes left. Woot!





Needless to say, we were all a bit excited….




This fight is rough on a hunter. Aside from those pesky guildmates who tunnel vision and don’t move in P1 (I  shot maybe a total of 20 arrows every P1 the entire night because I could rarely get close enough) pet management is a bitch. With plasma blasts, shock blasts, fires, rockets, mines, laser barrages, hand pulses, and all the little robots, poor Orestes usually didn’t last too long. By the end of the night, I was leaving him stabled until P4 when I’d call him out just for a quick Call of the Wild and Furious Howl before something took him out (he’s a team player too!) Still, I think Mimiron is one of the more interesting hard modes due to the chaos involved. It’s another one of those fights where awareness and survivability trump high DPS. God I miss Patchwerk at times; some nights a troll just wants to pew pew, mon.


So now we just have Yogg +1 and Algalon left. We pulled em both last night and I think both are very doable. As long as I can bribe a someone else to go into Yogg’s brain. It’s scary in there and those skulls laugh at me. At least the Algalon fight has purty graphics. Maybe it was just the lightspeed tunnel of stars distracting me, but I wasn’t nearly as scared of him as I was of Yogg without Mimiron, Hodir, and Freya there to help.



– Lash




~ by Lashaah on November 9, 2009.

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