The Hunter – These Things I Believe

The Hunter


For weeks, I have been wracking my brain to figure out how I could possibly add to the wealth of information and theory about the Hunter. With just a rudimentary search, one can find all sorts of things dealing with all things hunter. Everything from Pets to sometimes overindulgent (in my humble opinion) Theorycrafting is readily available to anyone interested enough to take a gander. Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love EJ and Petopia (amongst many others) and I don’t think I could get on without my daily fix. My point is, what could I say that would add something to the myriad discussions going on about hunters. That question has intimidated me into silence since I first started this little blog experiment.

For awhile, I was the only truly active hunter in Monolith. I really didn’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of or compare notes with so to speak. I had to figure it all out on my own. Then a Friends/Family hunter in our guild was bumped up into active raiding. Alright, someone to talk to in the desolate wasteland that is the Monolith hunter channel (aside from the traitorous used-to-be hunters now running as a hippy druid or shifty shadowpriest)! I took this new guy under my wing (I am in no way trying to sound elitist here, I’m not some hunter guru – the guy was relatively new to the class and just needed to be pointed in the right direction) and we clicked pretty well. He ended up being a pretty damn good hunter. He would do what was asked of him, quickly learned encounters, and started climbing the DPS meters as he gained more experience with and knowledge of the hunter class. And while I liked the guy, liked hunting with him, he unfortunately, ruined it all with a rather nasty departure. I don’t even know what the fuck happened or why.

Not too terribly long after, we picked up another hunter from another raiding guild on our server that had decided to call it quits. Holy shit, 3 hunters! This new new guy was fairly knowledgeable and was amazing DPS. He elevated both my and Hunter 2’s DPS as we got a fresh perspective on things. Only…he didn’t click with us. He was set in his ways and not very open to discussion. His way of hunting was the only way. And unfortunately, in my opinion, the wrong way. He was, as it turned out and to use that loathsome term that has branded many of us from day 1, a huntard. He would never DPS adds when asked to. His pet would wander off, break crowd control, growl mobs off tanks and wreak havoc with aggro. He would stand in void zones, fires, and anything that could kill him and just pew pew away. He was continuously late and ill-prepared for raids. He would /afk through trash (and sometimes even bosses). One night I even watched him melee a boss because he “forgot” to repair his gun. Honestly, he was all those things I strive very hard not to be.

Both those hunters are gone now, neither lasting all that long. Once again, I found myself hunting all alone (maybe dis ol’ troll need a bath, mon). Then, a few weeks back we picked up yet another new-to-the-class hunter. Now I find myself in that teacher role again. I’m not sure I’ve handled the situation as best as I could have. Hunter 2 and huntard left me wary of other hunters. I didn’t want this latest guy to be another huntard obviously but I also wasn’t quite ready to offer advice, help, or really extend a hand in friendship only to have those things wasted or fall on deaf ears. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve helped when I thought I could but I’ve also let him learn on his own. After all, I did and I’m not here to hold anyone’s hand.

This latest Monolith hunter, after doing a little research and “theorycrafting”, made the comment that he was struggling to reconcile what he was seeing on paper DPS-wise with real-life raid experience. It just so happens, this very thought was on my mind. I had fallen into watching the damage meters (oh god – they have their uses, but I wish they would just go away honestly) and had been somewhat disappointed in my “performance.” For awhile, I struggled to reconcile it too.

Then I realized, that while DPS’ing is a large part of being a hunter, there is a bigger picture. A good hunter I think, recognizes and accepts his or her role in that bigger picture and strives to make the experience better for all. A good hunter not only does the things asked of him, he makes sure he does them well.

A hunter DOES DPS his ass off, but a good hunter kills any additions to the fight because they are a threat to his teammates. A good hunter is aware of his situation and his surroundings otherwise HE is a threat to his teammates. A good hunter is prepared for any eventuality and plans his battles effectively.  A good hunter only takes what he needs and lets the spoils of battle strengthen the common goal rather than himself alone. A good hunter seeks and shares knowledge.


Not too terribly profound or cryptic, I know, but these are the things that I believe make a good hunter. Not always being at the top of those accursed damage meters, not all the leet purples in all the World of Warcraft, but the little things that help better himself and the people around him.


These things I believe.



– Lash


~ by Lashaah on November 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Hunter – These Things I Believe”

  1. Lash,

    Another blogger that I find hilarious posted this about hunters today:

    I think you might enjoy it 😉

  2. Replace hunter with anydps and it still holds true.

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